My name is Russell Montgomery, I live and work in the heights area of Houston, TX. I created Serenity Knives at the beginning of 2010 to facilitate my bladesmithing knowledge. Since that time I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best bladesmiths and knifesmiths in this country. I continuelly take workshops to grow my skills and knowledge. While making knives I consistently try new and inventive things, new steels, handle material, processes, etc. To see what else is possible within these relationships. 

   I have done custom Chef's Knives for some of the premier Chef's in and out of the Houston area. With my apprentice, Stephen Precella, we hand make every aspect of every knife.


I work hand in hand with local Chef's, hunters, outdoorsman, at home Cooks and knife enthusiasts to create Functional, practical, and beautiful solutions for cutting needs. I do all of my own design work, as well as all processes in the making of these fine handmade knives. 

We only use the best quality handles, natural dense woods, resin stabilized woods and heat stabilized woods. Naturally dense woods include Ironwood, Lignum Vitae and Ebony. Resin stabilized woods include any wood that has open enough grain to take on heated, sometimes colored resin including maple, many common burls and spalted woods. Resin stabilized woods will not gain or lose moisture, shrink, expand or defleat in any way, no matter the environmental conditions. Heat stabilized woods are the newest on the market and are a joy to work with, they are lighter, all natural, no chemicals added, and stronger. These woods have all the advantages of both previous woods, but none of the disadvantages. All of these woods are grown here in the U.S., processed, heat treated and fitted to the knife, all here in this country. This makes the Heat stabilized woods the most local and sustainable.

We currently use 52100 High Carbon steel as our base Knife Steel. We also offer 13C26, CPM154 and 440C Stainless steel. Since a majority of my schooling was in traditional Japanese bladesmithing I have very limited supply of Hitachi White #1, this steel is the most pure form of high carbon steel on the market.


My philosophy on knives and knife making is that they should be specifically designed for the task at hand, and be enjoyable use, mantain and clean. Knives, above all should be designed to cut, Function, Form, with the beauty and creative aspect comes next to that.