We're Back!


There has been so much happening in the shop lately, that we want to make a focus of staying more connected with our friends and followers . What better way to start off than with an update of our growth since our last post :  

> We are currently fully stocked in both kitchen and carry knives!  

> We are starting a shop expansion that will allow for a display room for our in-house products. This includes a starting collection of manufactured knives we will be distributing.  

      ~ Our manufactured folding knife brands include: Benchmade, WE, and Kizer 

      ~ Our manufactured kitchen knife brands include: Tojiro and , coming soon, Global  

> We've started a Youtube chanel and are filming weekly. 


    ~ We have a weekly series, " Weekly Grind", which includes momentary updates on our artisans and what they are grinding this week. 

    ~  We are about to start filming a new series, "Making the Cut." In this series different chefs will demonstrate knife skills and provide unique and varied recipes. 


> We are still accepting custom orders for both kitchen and carry knives. Our current wait time is approximately 3 months.  

If you have any questions,  please let us know. We'd love your feedback!