I offer full Sharpening Services in my shop, we will sharpen anything with an edge on it: All knives, scissors, straight razors, axes and hatchets, machetes, swords, shovels, clipper blades, shears,  paper cutters, gardening tools,  meat processing blades, food processor blades, blender blades. Feel free to ask if what you need sharpened is not listed here, we can sharpen most everything.


Knife Sharpening comes with the fixing of nicks, chips, and points.

Knife Sharpening comes with the fixing of nicks, chips, and points.

Knives:    $20 for blade lengths   6" and over

                         $15 for under  6"

Scissors: Small $10-$15

                          Large $20

Straight razors: $35-$45

Axes & Hatchets: $15

Machetes: $25

Swords:  $40-$100 depends on length and thickness of edge.

Shovels: $20

Shears (Bush Scissors):  $20

Paper cutters: $20-$40

Gardening tools:  $20-$30

Meat processing blades: Call or visit for price

Food processor blades: $15-$35

Blender blades: $15-$35

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                       These prices are generalizations, and are as accurate as possible. We see a wide range of products, please call or come by for exact quotes.

Knives are sharpened with a combination of belts and Japanese Water Stones. We will fix any nicks and the points of all knives. 













Shop address:         Serenity Knives 410 Harvard Street Houston, TX 77007


A knife we sharpened recently and fixed all the nicks.