I offer Sharpening Service in my shop. I charge $20 for knives with 6" and longer blades, and $15 for under 6". I pre-sharpen or raise a burr on my grinding belts and finish on  Japanese water stone of   1000  grit.  I sharpen professional Chef's Knives as well as home cook's knives.

Shop address:

Serenity Knives

410 Harvard Street

Houston, TX 77007



I also sharpen straight razors. Due  to the time and exacting nature of this I charge $35 per razor. I only use my Japanese Water Stones, up to 12,000 grit and russian leather strop.

I will also sharpen axes, hatchets and other edged tools and weaponry. I do not have a set fee for these since they are all so different. Feel free to call or email questions. We can usually work something out.

Knife Leasing

    We now offer knife leasing for restaurants and home use. We provide the knives and pick up the dull knives  and drop off sharp  ones monthly or bi-monthly. Two levels of knives are available a $15 per month per knife, and a $20 per month per knife.  

Please Contact me for additional information and for set up: 832.860.4754 or russell@serenityknives.com