Butchering Slicer - CPM154 Stainless Steel with an Olive Wood Handle

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This is a slicer based off of the Old Forge slicing knife that was used during the 40's, 50's, and 60's for butchering and processing meats. This is our take on it, as it has a modified handle. This knife is made in CPM 154 stainless steel and features a stabilized olive wood handle with two 1/8 inch copper pins. It comes with a custom felt lined Kydex knife transporter.

Blade Length: 7 1/2”
Total Length: 6 1/4” edged
Blade Depth: 1 3/8”
Blade Thickness: .108”
Handle Length: 3 3/4”
Handle Depth: 1”
Handle Thickness: .927”
Overall Length: 11”

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