Case Old Red Bone Medium Stockman with Tru-Sharp

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This model of the Case Stockman features a Pocket Worn® Old Red Bone handle with Corn Cob Jigged to give it a look and feel that's just right. The Clip blade is extremely versatile — just the thing for those everyday tasks at work or around the house. With a sharp point for piercing, the shape allows for better control of the cutting edge. The Sheepfoot blade features a straight edge and a curved back, allowing for greater tip strength and control of the cutting edge with your fingers. The Spey blade was a vital tool for farmers and ranchers who would use it when castrating livestock. Also a favored tool for skinning game, this all-purpose blade shape is found in many popular knife patterns such as the Trapper.


Handle Material: Old Red Bone
Handle Finish: Jigged
Blade Type: Clip, Sheepfoot, Spey
Blade Length(s): 2.57", 1.88", 1.71"
Lock Type: Non-Locking (Slip Joint)
Blade Material: Tru-Sharp™ Stainless
Blade Finish: Mirror-Polished
Closed Length: 3.63"
Weight: 2.5 oz
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