Mesquite Kitchen Knife Set: CPM154 Stainless

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This set of kitchen knives is made in CPM154 high grade stainless steel with a buffed forge finish. The handles are stabilized Mesquite, all from a single tree, with 3 brass 1/8” pins. This set comes with custom handmade Mesquite Knife Block which shows the various types and looks of Mesquite wood and a Mesquite and Black walnut Butcher Block cutting board in brick wall pattern,

Set of 9 kitchen knives includes:

8 1/2” Chef Knife

6 1/2” Chef Knife

9 1/4” Slicer

10” Serrated Bread Knife

7” Cleaver

7 1/4” Boning Knife

5 3/4” Petty

4 1/2: Paring Knife

3 1/4” Paring Knife


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