Miyabi Kaizen II 8” Chef Knife 5000FC-D

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The gyuto, or chef’s knife, is a general purpose knife for the preparation of larger cuts of meat and vegetables. It has a fine carbide steel core which gives the knife very good initial sharpness and cutting edge retention. The core is embedded in 48 layers of steel which create each knife’s unique Damascus-design. The symmetrical cutting edge is Honbazuke honed. This three-stage grinding, sharpening and polishing process gives the knife razor-like sharpness. The entire length of the edge can be used to cut as there is no finger guard. The join between handle and bolster is completely smooth, which helps to prevent calluses forming on the thumb and forefinger and gives a comfortable grip.

Net weight: 0.44 lbs
Length of product: 13.48"
Width of product: 0.97"
Height of product: 2.01"
Blade length: 7.87"

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