Rocking Santoku w/ Brass Plate Carbon Fiber, Fuchsia Box Elder Burl and Yellow G-10 liner

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This Rocking Santoku has a 52100 high carbon core and a 410 stainless steel laminate blade. The handle is made of brass plate carbon fiber, fuchsia box elder burl, with yellow G-10 liners and six brass pins. This also comes with a carbon fiber Kydex knife transport cover.

52100 is a high carbon steel and must be kept clean and dry at all times it will overtime develop a patina which is a chemical reaction from the acid in the food with the steel it all gets it looking slightly discolored or have a blue purple pearl essence to it.


Blade Length: 7.75”
Blade Depth: 1.75”
Blade Thickness: 0.094”
Handle Length: 4.75”
Handle Depth: 1”
Handle Thickness: 0.6830”
Overall Length: 12.5”

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