Spyderco Captain

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Spyderco included a Round Hole resulting in the Spyderco/Jason Breeden Captain. The blade's unusual shape creates two opposing cutting angles, one curving inward, one out. The inward curve holds what you're cutting in contact with the sharp edge, ideal for downward pulling cuts and for cutting rope and line. The outward curved cutting edge bulges out at the blade's tip for close-in controlled cutting- a motion used when skinning, whittling and slicing horizontally in a wrist sweeping motion. The blade is PlainEdge hollow-ground VG-10 with a weight reducing spine swedge. Its G-10 handle has a Walker LinerLock and two full-length steel liners tucked inside for rigidity and strength. Angularly shaped, the handle is comfortable in different grip positions and has a black steel pocket clip designed for 4-way ambidextrous carry.

Overall Length: 7.188"
Blade Length: 3.063" 
Steel: VG-10
Closed Length: 4.125" 
Edge Length: 2.938" 
Weight: 4.75.oz 
Blade Thickness: .125" 
Handle: G-10
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